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Art of Cooking

Виробник заморожених, готових до вживання продуктів харчування та напівфабрикатів високої якості
Висока якість виробництва
Смачні та безпечні продукти харчування
Сертифіковане виробництво
Meal Time
Meal Time
Meal Time

Meal Time is a premium segment brand that produces finished products and high quality semi-finished products.

City Food

City Food is a brand of high-quality and affordable fast food

City Food
City Food
Нові можливості для вашого бізнесу з продукцією від Art of Cooking
Компанія Art of Cooking виробляє готову продукцію та напівфабрикати найвищої якості, які покликані вирішити конкретні болі та проблеми споживачів. Використовуючи нашу продукцію, партнери отримують можливість оптимізувати операційні затрати на виготовлення продукції, заощаджувати на висококваліфікованих фахівцях з приготування їжі, спростити складський облік та товарообіг, оптимізувати управління товарними запасами, самостійно регулювати продажі та максимально виключити списання продукції.

Our clients

Lviv Croissants
Feedback from our partners
ANP gas station network
ANP gas station network

ANP gas station network expresses its gratitude to ART OF COOKING LLC TM “Meal Time”, TM “CityFood” for fruitful cooperation.
Our company cares about its customers, so from 2019 we continue to update mini-markets and gas stations. Our customers have the opportunity to comfortably relax during the trip while refueling and snack on delicious burgers and sandwiches. And in this we are helped by products of TM "Meal Time", TM "CityFood".
Employees of ART OF COOKING LLC are always polite and prompt, provide a flexible approach to our needs in fulfilling the order. There were no complaints during the cooperation with the company.
We will recommend ART OF COOKING as a reliable partner.

Alliance Market LLC
Alliance Market LLC

LLC "Alliance Market" has been cooperating with LLC "ART OF COOKING" TM "Meal Time" for a long time.
And during all this time we have not had any complaints or comments about our joint work.
It is a great pleasure to communicate with the specialists of Meal Time TM. They respond immediately to any requests and resolve any issues that arise. The team works quickly, efficiently and honestly fulfills all the obligations set out in the contracts.
Therefore, we hope to work with ART OF COOKING for a long time. This is our reliable and respected partner.

National network of gas stations "SUNOIL"
National network of gas stations "SUNOIL"

In the national network of SUNOIL gas stations, customers can use the services of a grocery store and have a delicious snack and enjoy their favorite coffee. Burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, fresh pastries - we update the range of the store every day. And ART OF COOKING LLC helps us in this
TM "City Food", TM "Meal Time".
Thanks to a wide selection of their products, our customers have fresh delicious food that meets all quality standards. We are satisfied with this cooperation and plan to continue it.
Your quality is your advantage in the market!

Lviv croissants
Lviv croissants

I would like to thank the staff of LLC "ART OF COOKING" TM "Meal Time" and note the positive aspects of our cooperation:
1. Efficiency in receiving, processing and executing orders;
2. Acceptable price-quality ratio of delivered products;
3. Punctuality, endurance of terms of deliveries;
4. Obtaining qualified advice on products, production and supply technologies;
5. Responsible attitude and prompt response to all comments;
6. LLC "ART OF COOKING" TM "Meal Time" is included by us in the list of our recognized suppliers, and we hope for further cooperation.