About us

The Art of Cooking company is a family business, so we are guided by the same values as the family when cooking — taste, quality and safety.

We are a socially responsible and innovative company that keeps up with the latest technologies and trends in food production. Our company produces finished products and semi-finished products of the highest quality, and a long storage life is achieved due to the use of the shock freezing method. All products are manufactured in Ukraine.

Sales geography and logistics

The company has its own sales department, which develops sales on the territory of Ukraine under its own brand, and a foreign activity department, which develops sales outside of Ukraine. We supply products to several countries:

  • USA
  • Moldova
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Romania
  • Poland
  • Belarus

We have our own logistics, which delivers products in Kyiv. In Ukraine, we deliver products with the help of logistics partners. We receive raw materials directly from manufacturers; we have established logistics throughout the country to guarantee you a fair wholesale price.

географія продажів арт оф кукінг


Art of cooking company has two own brands Meal Time and City Food.

  • Meal Time is a premium brand that produces high-quality finished products and semi-finished products.
  • City Food is a brand of high-quality and affordable fast food.

The company also provides services for developing products for business, a so-called Private Label. If you know what product your client needs, we will develop it for you.

Our partners

We are a key supplier in the segment of finished products and semi-finished products for filling station chains and HoReCa. We are trusted by OKKO, SOCAR, Shell, METRO, NOVUS, MHP and others.


Партнери Art of Cooking

Thanks to an individual approach to working with partners, the company creates exclusive products that meet the requirements and preferences of our clients. ART OF COOKING is a company that values quality and taste. That is why we do not use colorants, preservatives and flavor enhancers in the production of our products. Each product is made from natural selected ingredients of the highest grade, which is the principle and uncompromising position of our company. The use of shock freezing technology allows us to store our products for a long time, while they do not lose their structure and taste qualities.


We are a team of professionals who have an innovative approach to product creation. We keep up with the times, and our products meet market trends and consumer preferences.

ART OF COOKING is a place where professionalism, craftsmanship and love of cooking that we put into each of our products come together.